A Table Abroad is written by Jill from the vantage point of Paris, France.  For family reasons I move to different countries every couple of years but for the next few we will be in Paris.  You can see my brief blog from Ankara, Turkey here .

I’d like to say that this blog will focus on cooking, the geography and memory of food, feeding my family while abroad, and general Parisian culinary life, but I guess I also reserve the right to wander into French culture and raising children, should those or other subjects present themselves.  One cannot be picky about a good idea.

As for me, I’m a native New Englander, maybe not where I’ll settle down for life, but I do suffer from genetic Yankee tendencies.   I’m frugal, practical, and a committed Boston sports fan.  I complain about the weather a lot, have very little aptitude for fashion or makeup and consider Vermont about the best place there is.

A Table Abroad, or A Table, A Broad?  One could argue that A Table, A Broad is more appropriate, especially on those days when I forget my manners.

I can be reached at Atableabroad@gmail.com

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